Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Valentine is approaching, Read some important facts about Love.

This is a month wherein love is at its best.

Its the month in which one of the world's greatest day is celebrated.

Valentine is just around the corner and many are making arrangements
on how they would celebrate it.

Since Love is the topic i'd like to talk about relationships.

When people hear of relationships their minds just go to Boyfriend and
girlfriend ish.

Relationships are more than that, your day to day.

We have or there exist amongst us, our families, our environment, our
friends, our foes, our superiors and head a certain kind of

Today, I'd be talking about the relationship that exist between lovers.

I would discuss some issues that affect and promote dating and some
consequences, advantages and unavoidable disadvantages.

-How do you know you are matured enough to date?

When people hear maturity all they think of is being of age.
In this context of being matured is more than just age, it deals with
a sense of independence over so many of life's issues.

Maturity has to do with a person state of general independence and
preparedness for living life.

Bearing this in mind there is certainly no way a secondarian should be
dating as he/she is not matured at all for it.

Studies show that 5 of the ladies a guy would date at the ages of
17-22 he would not get married to any of them, same applies to ladies.

Before you dabble into dating ask yourself am i ready for marriage, am
i independent enough, do i have controlling power over my affairs?

Answer this questions honestly and you might re-consider not dating at all.

-How do i win her heart.

There is never a way of winning the heart of ladies that works for all.

There is always a different method you have got to use on any lady.

But the most cogent weapon to use is Understanding Her Body Language.

Once you understand her body language you strive towards meeting up.

To some girls, it is quality time, to others it is sweet words, to
some still it is "gumming body", which ever it is, you must discover
it and work towards fulfilling it.

-Silent Killers to Relationships

We consider somethings to little in relationships and we tend to ignore them.

Here and there relationships are dying and will continue to die until
we learn not to treat with laxity this two points which I am going to
talk about now.

No. 1
Trust: Relationships strive only because the both parties have got
total confidence in each other.

A relationship built on the altar of trust lasts forever.

The sad thing is, as soon as a slight event happens and trust is
tampered with forget about that relationship.

Once trust is broken there is no way that relationship would work out.

A relationship with trust tampered with is like a car with a clean
body and a faulty engine.

Guard with caution the trust placed in a relationship. If trust is
gone, your relationship is boarding a jet soon it would be gone.

No. 2
Communication: Distance they say is not a barrier but when there isn't
any communication link it is more than a barrier.

Always ensure you have a heart-to-heart discussion with your partner.

Ladies most times like it when guys just sit down and hear them talk.

Build your relationship by getting to know every single bit of your
partner and the only way to do that is by communication.

More talks on Love and Relationships would be posted.

Happy Love Month!

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